America’s Comments ON Ron Paul

LIKE Ron Paul. He is honest and not a weasel. He is NOT a significant threat to win anything. Agree with him or not he is the Republican candidate with the most genuine ideas and integrity.
Ron Paul has tremendous grassroots support across the nation and evidently among young voters as well.

Hey, I’d just like to remind you all Ron Paul will bring all our soldiers home starting the day he takes office. Now, here is a thing I want to propose. We all are aware the reason we are in all the conflicts support Big Oil or Big Military. In these conflicts, many people are killed – thousands of Americans but millions of overseas is to foreigners. If you are a rational person, it is your duty to save others if it is possible to do so without harming yourself.
Keep in mind that up until now, whichever candidate was elected we could be fairly certain the wars would continue.

                                                       220 Track Champ in High School

Ron Paul 

Now, however it is different. With your single vote, you could save thousands of Americans and a million or more foreigners. Are they so unimportant you can’t be bothered? Myself, if I don’t do my best for Dr. Paul I will feel complicit in the murders if I do not try to stop them. It may be the most honorable act you’ve ever performed. Isn’t it worth your time?

 The Federal Government is TOO Big for its own good. Ron Paul has clearly stated several times that he sees absolutely nothing wrong with Iran having nuclear weapons. This guy and his nutty ideas have been rejected by the voters before and will be rejected again. He’s a fringe
candidate who appeals to the misinformed and politically naive young voters.

I agree on all counts. I have one issue though with this candidate. He’s a libertarian in GOP clothing. That’s not really a bad thing being spending is way over the top and big brother has gotten really big. But faced with some severe cutting in various programs who would you really want wielding the axe: a republican, democrat or libertarian. I’m just afraid that people in power will be too eager to blindly cut and slash without really looking into waste and abuses first. By simply cutting those wastes continue. For example waste is found in the way Medicare buys medical equipment. A home oxygen concentrator costs about $950 for a good one. Medicare makes 36 monthly payments to the provider of $177 a month. The provider probably paid $400 for it.
Then there subsidies.

Ron Paul offers a great deal to voters. As a liberal, I would seriously consider voting for him. For one, we wouldn’t be involved in these endless wars and he would seriously cut defense. He is a very intelligent politician which is rare nowadays. He is also respectful to others. I have never heard him attack anybody personally. He will attack the issues and that is the way it should be. He is also not advocating eliminating Medicare and Social

Security as the others have. Personally, I like Ron Paul and find his views very interesting. His only problem is that the military/industrial complex hates him and they represent the moneyed interests in this country.

And when Iran, the biggest and most consistent supporter of terrorism in the world, develops a suitcase nuclear bomb and, because they hold a grudge against us, gives it to Al-Qaeda to detonate in NYC and kill millions and render NYC uninhabitable for a thousand years, and then tells us that Washington, Boston and Tel Aviv are next, what will President Paul do then?
Give a speech saying he’s sorry? Give a speech saying that we deserved it because we installed the Shah sixty years ago? Give a speech saying that it is none of our business what foreign countries do? Retaliate with a nonexistent military? What would President Paul do?

Apart from the marijuana issue (I support legalization–but not as the theme of a Presidential campaign), it is impossible to discuss Rep. Paul without a true believer citing a Big Oil/Big Defense conspiracy today, or a Jew
Monopoly yesterday. I was disappointed that the libertarian message of Rep. Paul’s 2008 campaign was lost in the noise of all the fringes that his campaign brought together, and it’s happening again. And regarding running a 77-year-old against Joe Cool, my fellow libertarians falsely assume the upcoming Presidential campaign can be fought totally on the issues (on which Rep. Paul is correct and unwavering). The Party of Anti-Bullying is also the Party of Personal Destruction and the Obama campaign will ride full-time ridicule to victory.

But Bob Paulding asks, “Faced with some severe cutting…who would you really want wielding the axe”? Definitely the libertarian! Democrats unanimously believe that every time they seize wealth and fritter it around, it creates prosperity, by their fantasy “multiplier effect” or by their unquestionably good intentions; while Speaker Boehner and Rep. Guinta, despite the urgings of the Tea Party, have firmly embraced the strategy of imperceptibly slight

decreases in the planned rate of growth in 2019, plus gimmicks like a different index of inflation and agreeing not to hold another 2010 Census in 2011. Republicans have never done real cutting. Not even Mr. Reagan did.
Your post are like a broken record. It is obvious you do not like congressman Paul. Calling him “nutty” is crossing the line. You propose we elect an “approved” slate of candidates. The same “approved” slate of candidates who have been managing the decline of our standard of living for a few decades now. It has been reported today that Social 

10 differences btwn Ron Paul & all the other Candidates including Obama. THEY 1. Will not bring all the troops home 2. Do not question the FED BANK (ignore Perry’s con act) 3. Will take money from lobbyists 4. Voted for the Patriot Act (unconstitutional / Treasonous act) 5. Will not end the War on Drugs 6. Don’t constrain their votes to the constitution 7. Don’t Believe in Free Markets 8. Won’t Support competing currencies 9. Won’t Abolish the IRS 10. Aren’t for true Liberty

Ron Paul is a great man. Win, lose or whatever….he has made a positive impact with people on what it really takes to be an american. Whatever legacy he leaves will be ours to carry forward. Let us push forward with freedom, wisdom, patience and uncompromising will. Ron is teaching, but he is not a savior. The constitution is all you need. You just have to believe in its words like Ron Paul does.

Ron Paul really cares about the people

Dr Paul is far from an isolationist. He believes strongly in maintaining the best military in the world for the purpose of defense. Dr Paul has distinguished between ‘military’ and ‘defense’ spending-something no other candidate has done. He was in fact the ONLY member of the legislature to vote against the creation of a permanent military base in Haiti.

Finally why are candidates such as Rick Perry emulating him? All the recent talk of the federal reserve from the governor who openly advocated for the banker bailouts is entertaining though simply demonstrates Perry will say anything to get your vote.

 FOX doesn’t show Ron Paul in OVERALL polls, just Republican poll. You can bet plenty of gays, anti-war, liberal and Independents like Ron Paul’s platform! If they don’t, then they don’t realize what Ron Paul stands for. Get INFORMED AMERICA, before you vote 2012!

As far as elect ability, the ONLY way Ron Paul will not win, is if you do not vote for him. If you do not vote for the best candidate, you will vote for someone the media tells you is elect able. That would be a selection and not an election. The choice is yours…

I had this nightmare last night. I was dreaming the Ron Paul was elected and all of a sudden he starts sending troops to Venezuela…I woke up as soon as that happened. Do you think “they” can turn even a person like Ron Paul?

Young people are seeing the ** going on in politics and know Ron Paul is their only hope to live in a free United States with opportunities, economic stability and peace with the world.

 I am very pleased to see young people understand that their role as Americans does not require them to go to needless wars and that without a government tethered to an asset based dollar, the debt will destroy our country plunging us into third wordless. If only those who talked war against Iran had to go first. If only the media wasn’t in the pockets of the government. If only people understood how the elections are really just media selections.
Young people get-it, now it’s time we older people forget being separated into parties and start being Americans, voting for our future.

                                                   Media Corruption Rising 

 The media puppet-masters are at work, but who are they really, what are their motives. Who’s really in charge of what is being said and unsaid in todays’ media?
Struggling major newspapers for instance, (The Boston Globe) how much money would it take for them to become a puppet in this political war? How deep will Big Corp. & Special Interest Groups dig, to get what they want. What they want is just another puppet-man in office, I don’t contest that fact, and never will.
In A Case For Ron Paul, clearly they are using tactics like (out of sight-out of mind), of the American people. What’s next in their limitless arsenal too politically derail Ron Paul Campaign?
I believe the 2012 election will be the most important election in America’s history, and if the best man wins, it will undoubtably be Ron Paul.

I would like to see Ron Paul get the media coverage he rightfully deserves.

To really find out about Ron Paul,  I ask you all hear his words on Youtube or

                                              Paul Offers Obama Advice For Jobs Speech

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