Political Money

Political money is money created for the benefit of a few

Addison and his film crew held an interview with Candidate Dr. Paul in his D.C. offices yesterday.

One of the nuggets Candidate Dr. Paul shared was how he became motivated to run for office by the dismantling of the Bretton Woods system and that he never expected to get elected on such an arcane talking point.

Some 35 years later, people even in his own political party are declaring his points as self-evident.

Political money is money created for the benefit of a few while disguising itself as beneficial to all. Market money is the stuff that’s made the old-fashioned way….earning it by finding and filling an actual market demand.

The one is the plaything of central planners, the other the lifeblood of the free market and ,thus, despised because it refuses to be controlled.

We turn further explanation over to candidate Dr. Ron Paul. Below is an excerpt from the foreword of Dr. Paul’s book we like to call “The Lost Gold Bible.” If you read this and didn’t know it was written in 1982, you’d think he wrote it yesterday:

“More and more people are asking if a gold standard will end the financial crisis in which we find ourselves. The question is not so much if it will help, or if we will resort to gold, but when.

“All great inflations end with the acceptance of real money — gold — and the rejection of political money — paper. The stage is now set; monetary order is of the utmost importance. Conditions are deteriorating, and the solutions proposed to date have only made things worse.

“Although the solution is readily available to us, powerful forces whose interests are served by continuation of the present system cling tenaciously to a monetary system that no longer has any foundation. The time at which there will be no other choice but to reject the current system entirely is fast approaching.

“That moment may come very soon — it nearly arrived in the 1979 dollar crisis — but I hope it will not arrive for several years. That way, a greater understanding among more people will prompt a wiser choice in establishing the new order.

“The minority views of the Gold Commission deal precisely with this task. In planning for a constructive monetary reform, the errors of the past and the myths that have evolved around money must be fully understood and explained. In this report –The Case for Gold — we have made an effort to analyze the American experience with gold and to refute the cliches used to condemn the use of gold as money.

“…Outlines of different methods of achieving a convertible currency can be made. Briefly, we offer two methods…

“…one through the legalization of competing currencies…[which Dr. Paul proposed yesterday with H.R. 1098]

“…the other, a government-directed gold standard of the classical variety.

“We do know that current monetary policy cannot continue indefinitely, and we are obligated to prepare for better times.

“This report establishes the foundation on which a sound monetary system can be built.

“It was a foregone conclusion that the Gold Commission would reject the gold standard.

“The public attention, however, was quite beneficial and is absolutely necessary before gold is generally accepted as money once again.

“This report makes the point that we need not return to a gold standard — which had many shortcomings — but we can learn from the mistakes of the past, improve upon past systems and go forward to a modern gold standard. By contrast, all the effort and planning imaginable cannot make paper money work.

“There is no way paper can be ‘improved’ as money. Whenever governments are granted power to purchase their own debt, they never fail to do so, eventually destroying the value of the currency. Political money always fails because free people eventually reject it. For short periods individual countries can tell their citizens to use paper, but only at the sacrifice of personal and economic liberty.”

[GARY’S NOTE: Politicians cherry-pick information to support their position, night follows day and paper money must fail.

Dr. Paul has been hammering on this idea since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971.

No one asked us for our opinion, of course. But if we were forced to give it, we’d simply say “Yep. What Dr. Paul said.”

So let me ask you…

How long do you think before the masses realize that this entire funny money printing scheme is…well…not funny at all, and definitely not real money?

And are you prepared for the (eventual) day that paper money dies?

Ah…but there’s a rub, right?

The banks and people who benefit from our current unsustainable monetary system are going to do everything in their power to keep the music going. To keep the illusion going for another day.

And that brings us back to Ron Paul’s “Lost Gold Bible.”

We call it “lost” because the banks and politicians who want to keep the paper currency fallacy going are the same types of people who buried Ron Paul’s report in the ’80s.

His “Lost Gold Bible” was too dangerous to the current establishment of politicians and bankers.

They understood that Dr. Paul’s plan would end the party for all of the banking elite, and they could not afford to let that happen.

But they were unsuccessful. We’ve recently run across a small — and dwindling — hoard of these “Lost Gold Bibles.”

What, exactly, is the “Lost Gold Bible”? And how can you get your hands on one of the rare copies?

We explain everything you need to know right here.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least know the truth?]

“Governments can fool people for a while with paper money, but it’s inevitable that trust in the money — something absolutely required for it to serve as a medium of exchange and to allow economic calculation — will be lost.

“Governments have power to declare paper to be legal tender, but they do not have power to make that money trustworthy.

“As governments more and more insist on paper alone serving as money, less and less trust is placed in it.

“This report was written to demonstrate as clearly as possible the choices available to us: political (paper) money or commodity (real) money. It is imperative that we make it clear to the American people the alternatives they have, and that they make the correct choice.

“Making the wrong choice will jeopardize our political freedom and destroy the possibility of restoring a truly productive economy. Making the correct choice — limited government, free market, private property and sound money — ensures liberty and prosperity.


Ron Paul for president 

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