Ron Paul: Poised For An Upset In Iowa?

Ron Paul said,
The US has fundamenta­lly altered the balance of power in our democratic system.
Votes, campaign promises, polls, public opinion, laws, restrictio­ns on the state, all these forces took a backseat to the goals for government to expand.
Imagine a irresponsi­ble teenager with an unlimited amount of credit. The parents, teachers, pastors, and authoritie­s in his life are powerless to change his habits. Now imagine that teenager armed to the teeth and also immune even from the rule of law. THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE WITH A GOVERNMENT BACKED BY CENTRAL BANKS
The banking establishm­ent in our country enjoyed new guarantees against failure, which created a moral hazard, their lending practices would proceed without DUE CONSIDERAT­ION OF RISK, ULTIMATELY WAS THE MAIN CAUSE OF OUR HOUSING CRASH.
When our government gains more influence and power, they become more convinced that they are the savior’s of mankind, and if any resistance or obstacles appear that limit their power, they believe that brute force must be used to impose their goodwill on a stubborn few.
TYRANNY always goes hand and hand of the government­s wrecking of the money system.
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Love to write unique articles, studying scriptwriting and internet marketing. I see media corruption around the world, but in america it's growing out of control. I feel it's my patriotic duty to find the real truth behind the stories and tell the world.
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