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Love to write unique articles, studying scriptwriting and internet marketing. I see media corruption around the world, but in america it's growing out of control. I feel it's my patriotic duty to find the real truth behind the stories and tell the world.

Ron Paul: Poised For An Upset In Iowa?

Ron Paul said, The US has fundamenta­lly altered the balance of power in our democratic system. Votes, campaign promises, polls, public opinion, laws, restrictio­ns on the state, all these forces took a backseat to the goals for government to expand. … Continue reading

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Political Money

Political money is money created for the benefit of a few Addison and his film crew held an interview with Candidate Dr. Paul in his D.C. offices yesterday. One of the nuggets Candidate Dr. Paul shared was how he became … Continue reading

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Our Economic Troubles

Our economic troubles look more ominous each passing day. How many of your friends, coworkers relatives are losing their jobs and how many houses near you are for sale, foreclosed on? How much more are you going to pay for … Continue reading

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America’s Comments ON Ron Paul

LIKE Ron Paul. He is honest and not a weasel. He is NOT a significant threat to win anything. Agree with him or not he is the Republican candidate with the most genuine ideas and integrity.Ron Paul has tremendous grassroots … Continue reading

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